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10 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

Reduce Workplace Stress

The UK government’s Work related health and safety board defines work place stress as “the adverse reaction a person has to excessive pressure or demands placed upon them.”

While some stress can be healthy most of it is very difficult to manage and find a healthy balance. Excessive stress causes anxiety, panic attacks and can be harmful to your health and quality of life.

If you are dealing with stress in your work place, here’s 10 ways to help mitigate stress and anxiety at your job.

1. Get in Alignment 

Try to be mindful of the degree of stress that you’re experiencing at any given time. First of all you need to know when your stress levels are rising.

Rank your stress level on a scale of with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Whenever you’re at home, try find a time when you are alone and when you can lie down with your eyes closed. Turn on your favorite music for relaxing or just sit in silence, or whatever calms you down. Let your mind wander and release your thoughts. After about 10 minutes or so you should be aware of level zero stress.

This should be an indicator used to measure all other stress levels. During the day check into the scale and not the level of tension that you’re feeling. What is happening with your body and your gut? Are your shoulders hunched and tense; is your gut tight and churning; is your jaw clenched and your face stressed?

2. Get Moving!

Movement is a great way to reduce stress levels. By getting out of your seat and walking around, you will find that you will feel a measure of stress and  relief. If you are in a suitable environment, try taking a brisk walk during your lunch break or a short jogging session during the evening.

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3. Breathe Deep

Simply breathe deeply, inhaling through the nostrils, after holding the breath for a count of three exhale slowly through the mouth.

4. Master the Power of Imagery

Another great way to bring stress and anxiety relief into the workplace is through the exercise of visualization. Take a moment or two to imagine that you are somewhere else. Hear the sound of relaxing things around you. Try to image the vivid colors of the sky in your mind. Travel to your favorite place today (in your mind). The more vivid and relaxing the images and the recreation of the moment, the better this stress and anxiety relief technique will work.

5. Challenge Your Crazy and Irrational Thoughts

Be aware of that little voice in your head and what it is telling you. These thoughts are usually based on previous experiences and mind conditioning. The thoughts will be harmful and create unnecessary levels of stress when they are triggered. For example if you are under pressure to get something done by a particular time you may find yourself thinking” I must get this done or else I’m fired and I’ll need to find another job!” This is probably not the case and if it is then you’re probably better looking for another job anyway where you do not have to perform under such pressures.

6. Plan Your Work

A large task can be overwhelming. So try breaking it down into simpler easier to complete steps and tasks. We are able to meet more step by step targets this way and feel a greater sense of achievement after each step is completed. Reward yourself for completing the smaller tasks and do not wait for the final task before you give yourself a pat on the back.

7. Reduce Your Sugar & Caffeine Intake

Can someone say – Sugar Rush? Well that is exactly what happens to all of us when we take in too much junk food, full of sugar or drink something caffeinated. Cutting back on sugar, junk foods and caffeine well help take off the edge and excess stress that comes with see-saw emotions.

Drink more decaffeinated tea to transition to zen mode! And prepare a cup easily with our travel-sized 2 minute quick boil kettle.

8. Go Play!

Some professionals keep squish balls, or stress balls, or small handheld massage balls in their work space a simple squeeze is all that is needed for rapid relief of stress and anxiety. Other people take a few minutes to play a game. Whatever you need to break the tension during your work day, try to find something that allows you to quickly step away from it all and find immediately relief.

9. Just Let It Go!

Don’t think that you can’t vent a little! But make sure you remember words spoken in anger can haunt you for a long time if they’re read or overheard by the wrong person. Don’t put anything in email you don’t want your manager, the whole office or the public to see.

10. Realize That Some Stress is OK!

Finally, remember that it is natural to feel a little bit stressed whenever you leave your comfort zone or ‘safe space’. Some stress will naturally occur as you expand your horizons, learn new tasks and receive new responsibilities. This kind of stress may not be much fun to deal with at first, but in the long run, it will definitely be worth it!

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