6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence Today

boost your self-confidence

Ever have one of those days? A better question would be who hasn’t? Indeed everyone has had a day where the world just did not seem to be on their side. If you are going through some stuff and continually having one of those days where your self confidence seems to be dragging you down, today we’re going to share some simple steps to get you back on track!

Did you perform poorly on a recent test? Screw up something important? Or froze up on an important job interview? No matter the reason, we are going to share a few tricks to help get you out there, boost your confidence and get that mojo in your step again!

1. Find a physical activity you enjoy doing

Whether it is jogging, jumping rope or yoga, completing even 10-15 minutes of continuous exercise is a quick way to boost your self-confidence. If you are starting to feel low, take 10-15 minutes out of your day to exercise or walk your worries away.

In addition to producing those happy endorphins that raise your energy and your spirits, you will also have brought goodness to your body. Regularly exercising helps to decrease your chances for disease, heart attack, and strokes. And when you start seeing your body tone up as a result, you are going to feel a lot better as well.

2. Take a moment to laugh

Sometimes enjoying a silly moment such as watching a short comedic video or funny movie helps to release disappointment. It only takes a few seconds to cheer yourself up and feel good about yourself again. Or subscribe to a website such as Notes From the Universe. There are so many websites that will send jokes or positive motivation to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis. Sign up for one of the many free newsletters to start off your day with a smile.

3. Put on your favorite song

and dance like there is no tomorrow. In addition to easing your stress, your self confidence will shoot through the roof as the music brings back favorite memories.

4. Indulge – Give yourself a small luxury 🙂

Remind yourself you are deserving! When things are not going your way and you begin to question yourself, take time to give yourself a little pick me up Whether it is a chocolate bar, a massage or self-praise, know that your spirits-and self esteem-will be lifted (at least a wee bit).

5. Journal

Even if you only take the time to write a few words or scribble a picture at the start or end of each day you can look back and see how far you have come AND what you have overcome whenever you are feeling low.

Whatever your accomplishments, take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate all the sacrifices you have made to achieve that thing. And remind yourself that this is the next test and you will succeed with this too!

6. Learn from your mistakes

I am sure you have heard the old sayings, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade or play the hand you’ve been dealt. It basically means to make the best of what you have and try to learn from whatever you are dealing with. Know that it is just a road stop on your journey and not the final destination. So take whatever setback you are dealing with in stride or otherwise that constant nagging guilt or feeling of being unsettled will ruin your self-esteem and possible worse – depression and anxiety!

In the famous words of painter Bob Ross, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents!

By maintaining a positive attitude, you will have the ability to turn around whatever situation you are going through and conquer it with confidence. Remember, you are a worthy person and deserving of a bright future, regardless of your age, race, gender, background or socioeconomic status you were born into. A world of possibilities and opportunities is in your hands!

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