Fall in Love Again By Conquering These Romantic Realities

So many times our relationships rank second, third or even lower to the many distractions in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, these distractions are allowing too many marriages to end in divorce. Or many couples simply co-exists for years longing for more joy, happiness and passionate in their relationship.  Things honestly do not have to be this way. Once your job or other commitments are gone, at the end of the day, all you’ll have left is an empty marriage or relationship. It’s time to stop being distracted and making excuses and find the time to rekindle the romance with your spouse or significant other starting today.

Some of my female friends have given up on the idea that men can be romantic.  No matter how masculine a guy is or how set in his ways he might seem, he is capable of romance! Understand it’s a two way road and try to remember why you were attracted to him in the first place. Passionate and lively romance leads to happy and longer-term relationships. While relationships without romance often lead to loneliness, depression, affairs, divorce and sometimes broken families.

The reality is  all men are and can show that they are romantic.  So can all women. When you envision romance, you probably think about a certain holiday where you have to buy things to ‘please’ your spouse. Romance should never be about what is tangible or how much you have spent.  It should be about the thought, the intention and the love you put behind every action you take.  As long as the thought of love is behind your efforts, ultimately you should have romance.  If you have an unhappy spouse, you must learn to be more open and compassionate in your communication and understand that maybe it took some time for the fire to burn out so it might take a little time to get it re-ignited. You can improve your relationship with better companionship, more sexual intercourse, working out and staying fit together and simply providing more attention and concern without any expectations in return.

If you’ve decided to be romantic, you can’t then go and start making excuses or neglecting your spouse.  If you have something going on in your life that is stressing you out or distracting you be upfront with what you are dealing with. But don’t get distracted and completely check out. Remember that your significant other might ultimately be your greatest ally and fan who will help rally you and get you back on track. Neglecting your self-needs and them will make things worse before they make things better.

While your career is and should be important, time with your spouse should also rank high. your spouse should be more important.  And for the overly confident spouses out there, its most likely crossed you mind that you don’t have to be romantic because you shouldn’t have to prove your love to your spouse.  Being married and bringing romance into your relationship isn’t about proving anything.  Improve the romance with your spouse is about showing how much you appreciate and love him or her. Even the smallest of things can show your adorkable affection for them.

Don’t drag your heels or procrastinate when it comes to being romantic.  Continually delaying time with your significant other can easily become just as bad as never ever doing it at all. The reality is no tomorrows are guaranteed. Neither you nor your spouse know how long you will be lucky enough to have each other.  Life is short – you don’t have the time to put off re-creating your incredibly loving and romantic partnership.

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