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Adult Beginners Speed Jump Rope

This speed jump rope is ideal for beginners to speed jumping. • LIGHT WEIGHT HANDLE - Textured aluminum metal handle is 5.5 inches long. Lightweight design is ideal during high intensity workout.
• 360°SWIVEL BALL BEARING - 360 degree Swivel Ball Bearing Double Rotation Mechanism Increases the rotation power making it great for doing double unders. And it provides extreme flexibility for full range of movement in any direction.
• ANTI-SLIP ALUMINUM HANDLE - Unlike most rubber handles on the market, this rhombus non slip aluminum handle allows a firm grip for a longer workout session. It also prevents dropping the rope when your hands get sweaty.
• DURABLE – This high quality jump rope is lightweight but also durable. An included carrying bag allows you to pack your jump rope when not in use and take it wherever you go.
GREAT QUALITY JUMP ROPE is ideal for double unders, bodybuilding, boxing, MMA and cardio. Use this rope for home and outdoor workout jump rope sessions.

Beach Bum Hip Strengthener and Tightener Machine

$25.99 $14.99
Did you recently have a baby? Or spend lots of hours sitting in the office? Or just want to tighten your hips and bum for the beach and your favorite short shorts? This hips trainer using a vibrating motion to helps tighten loose and saggy muscles around your hips and buttocks. The hips strength trainer comes with a  pad that you apply to your buttocks with a polymer hydrogel. And the accompanying remote has adjustable settings depending on the firmness you are seeking. Please note: If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, this tool is not recommended for you. Size: 26x18.8cm/10.2"x7.4

Compression Sports Injury Prevention Wristbands

This nylon velcro compression wrist cuff is intended to prevent sports injury that requires repetitive movement or rotation on the wrist such as shooting a basketball, swinging a badminton or tennis racquet or swinging a baseball or softball bat.  When wrapped on the wrist it helps provide adjuvant therapy on muscles damage. Professionally designed wrist joint winding sheath can also helps to improve the support and the overall stability of the wrist. Key Features:
  • Velcro nylon cuff
  • Made to maintain elasticity
  • Helps to prevents injury
  • Durable
  • Will maintain high elastic properties after repeated wash
  • Care instructions: Hand wash or machine wash with cold water, then air dry

Feel the Burn workout sweat jacket

$52.99 $34.99
Does it take a long time to build up sweat during your gym workout? Use this thermal heat jacket to help reflect and retain body heat, thus increasing the sweat intensity during your workout.  Creates radiant heat and raises your body temperature in a short time. Promotes rapid blood circulation which helps with releasing sweat and waste elimination after your workout.  To use simply put it on like a jacket and use the velcro to close it. Key Features:
  • Wear & Tear Resistant
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight

Heavy Duty L A B Fitness Resistance Band

Looking for some serious resistance training? This LAB resistance band will help you quickly shape up your Legs, Abs and Booty by committing just 20 minutes per day to focus on your target areas. Depending on your exercises, you can also see improvement in your hamstrings, quads, arms, hips and calves. Choose a band size based on your current weight or choose multiple resistance bands if you have aggressive weight-loss and training goals. Key Features:
  • Cotton Elastic
  • Will not crimp or roll up like latex
  • Durable and heavy duty
  • No equipment needed
  • No curling
  • Non-slip

High Waist Workout Shorts With Pockets for Women

$51.99 $34.99
Working out on the treadmill or walking and need a place to carry your id, key for your gym locker or gym ID? Then you'll love these poly cotton blend high waist workout shorts. Made with 88% Polyester and 12% Cotton these shorts have a convenient side pocket to free up your hands. Key Features:
  • Anti-pilling
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Breathable
  • Quick dry
  • Poly/Cotton Blend

Kids Fitness Training Jump Rope

Jump rope is one of the best and simple all around workout exercises with a mininum investment! If you know a young person who loves Crossfit as much as you (or perhaps more than you, lol) - this steel wire training jump rope is ideal for them. It is designed to minimize friction and tangling allowing for an easier turning action in all directions and forward or backwards jumping. Great kid's training jump rope for learning speed jumping and transitioning from basic to more advanced jumping skills. Key Specifications: Handle: ABS engineering plastics Rope Material: PU coating steel wire Bearing type:Axis of revolution Handle size:12cm Rope size:Length 3m/Thick 0.25cm Length adjustment:The screws can adjust Weight:About 110g  

Long Adjustable Cloth Resistance Yoga Belt

This long adjustable cloth resistance band will help you to expand your range and achieve more challenging yoga positions. Feel

Lower Back Stretcher and Resistance Adjustable Waist Band

Suffer from lower back aches and pains? This lower back stretcher helps you expand all those hard to reach areas. This band helps to strengthen and release stress for people who have suffered from herniated discs, scoliosis, stenosis and arthritis. This lumbar stretcher provides spinal decompression and relieves tension from the discs and nerves so that you can enjoy more pain free days. Release built up tension from your feet caused by your lower back pain by simply stepping on this stretcher. Made from a thick foam, it is soft yet firm enough to provide back decompression and will help to improve your posture. Simply start by committing 5 minutes a day to lay on your back and stretching your vertebrae  while the muscles in your lumbar area regain their flexibility. Key Features:
  • Decompress your back
  • Improve your posture
  • Lightweight and compact

Nite Glow Basketball Hoop

$38.99 $29.99
Enjoy warm weather nights outside with this light up basketball rim. This led attachment hooks directly to your existing rim and can light up when you make a basket. To use the device, use zip-tie strips to connect the LED strip around the perimeter of your basketball rim then velcro the sensor box underneath the rim and the battery case behind the backboard. Every time a shot is made, the sensor box will detect when a basket is made. Key Features:
  • Once setup is complete it will automatically activate when you start making baskets
  • Device is waterproof so it can be left outside year round
  • Easily installation
  • Long-lasting battery technology which will enter it into low-energy mode
  • Size: Light bar fits standard size rim at 160cm
Package Includes: 1x Nite Glow Hoop LED Kit

Portable travel sized electric massager neck and body pillow

Use this portable travel sized massager pillow to relieve cervical and lumbar pain whether you are in your car, at home or sitting at the desk at your office. The pillow is multi-function providing massage therapy for your neck, back, waist or body.  Provides a heat compress and warmth and vibration for tense and overworked muscles. Provides a comfortable massage like capability with low noise output. Built-in 15 minute automatic timer. MASSAGER 089 (5)


Sports Injury Compression Recovery Massage Ball

Effectively target and treat key specific points. This compression and recovery ball helps with those who have recently experienced a minor hamstring pull, shoulder strain or carpal tunnel surgery. The compression level is moderate for beginner to intermediate level for those learning to bend and squeeze those muscles again. Also this is a great tool for women suffering from fibroids as it helps to provide deep tissue massage and help the myofascial scars in the abdomen to break up and release. To use, simply lay on your back and massage around the belly in a clockwise position making both small and large circles around the belly button. Key Features:
  • 7.28 cm inside / 8 cm outside
  • Designed to mirror massage therapist hand like the pulp
  • 100% non toxic materials
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Deep tissue massage for large muscle groups
  • Massage more accurately and scientifically