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A Better Version Of You Keychain

This keychain reminds you how much potential you have and what you are truly capable of if you so believe it. Use this positive message as a reminder when you walk out your home each day or gift it to a friend who can use a daily reminder.

A Mom with Heart Necklace

Who doesn't love, a mom with heart? This sweet necklace has mom named carved out over a brightly colored blue or green heart. Made from zinc alloy. Pendant and link chain included. Pendant measures 35mm x 28 mm (1.35 x 1.10 inch). Chain length is just over 19 inches long (50 cm).

Beautiful Goddess Amulet Charm

In India, these amulets were known in ancient times to ward off evil spirits and keep you protected. This gorgeous goddess amulet charm is intended to fulfill the same purpose. Product Specifications:
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 35mm*39mm
  • Please Note: Chain not included

Chakra Balance Beads Necklace

Live inspired and on purpose while you stay in alignment with these Chakra balance beads. Colorful stone beads hang on long metal chain (included). Product Specifications:
  • Semi-Precious Stones
  • Zinc Alloy Metal Chain
  • Weight: 10g
  • Chain Length:54+5 CM

Chakra Colorful Stone Pendant

$27.99 $16.99
This gorgeous crystal colorful stone pendant is known for its special ability to directly impact the body's chakra system and promote health.  Crystal is also known to help the body and mind to restore balance and maintain physical and mental comfort and health.

Cute Glass Painted Dangle Earrings for Moms

$20.95 $12.95
Glass painted dangle earrings reflect the precious relationship between a mom and her infant. Bright image and lightweight.

Dog Chains from Mom

Dog chains shares a constant reminder of mom's love for her son and/or daughter. Engraved message dog tag charm and chain included. Gender: Daughter, Son Chain Length: 60 CM Pendant Size: 2.5*4*0.15 CM Package Includes: 1Pc Necklace

Dream Catcher Inspired Keychain

Carry your good dreams with you and let your bad ones evaporate with this dream catcher inspired key chain. Key ring has a web, feathers and beads.

Dreams and Love Rope Pendant

These vintage look inspirational message charms shares positive and loving messages with everyone who walks in your path. Wax cord necklace included. Product Specifications: Charm Material: Ancient Silver Bronze Wax cord Size:45cm+5cm

Charm pendant size: 20mm


Faith and Guardian Remembrance Urn necklace

Wherever you go, there they are. Carry some ashes and memories of a loved one or pet in your heart (charm). The charm has an opening on the top to place the ashes. Product Details:
  • Material: Zink Alloy
  • Color: Ruby, Sapphire or Garnet
  • Charm Width: 30cm
  • Charm Height:30cm
  • Nickle-Free
  • Lead Free
  • Real White Gold Plated
  • High Quality Polish Finish

Friends Inspirational Wire Bangle Style Bracelets

$19.95 $9.95
Inspirational wire style bangle with cute inspirational charm reminds you of what's most important when the day starts to get you down. Hand-formed stainless steel will maintain it's shine over time. Material: Stainless Steel Clasps: Toggle-Type Clasp Charm Size: 6x6.5 CM Diameter Package Includes: 1Pc Bracelet

Hope and Dreams Feel Good Friendship Bracelet

For the dream chasers of the world, these feel good message bracelets reminds us to always focus on what's most important.
  • Easy hook
  • Para wax cord
  • Positive Messages
  • Made from Zinc Alloy
  • Length: 23.5~24 CM