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Friends Inspirational Wire Bangle Style Bracelets

$19.95 $9.95
Inspirational wire style bangle with cute inspirational charm reminds you of what's most important when the day starts to get you down. Hand-formed stainless steel will maintain it's shine over time. Material: Stainless Steel Clasps: Toggle-Type Clasp Charm Size: 6x6.5 CM Diameter Package Includes: 1Pc Bracelet

Hope and Dreams Feel Good Friendship Bracelet

For the dream chasers of the world, these feel good message bracelets reminds us to always focus on what's most important.
  • Easy hook
  • Para wax cord
  • Positive Messages
  • Made from Zinc Alloy
  • Length: 23.5~24 CM

Inspirational Mantra Cuffs

Get inspired with these mantra cuffs in rose gold finish. An inspirational message keeps you centered during your most challenging moments and helps to get you through the day. Product Specifications: • Metal: Stainless Steel • Plating: Silver • Shape: Round • Weight: 7.7g • Width: 3.2 mm • Diameter: 48 x 63 mm

Leather Mantra Inspiration Bracelets

Wear your reminder of your heart on your wrist with these leather wrap inspirational mantra bracelets. Choose from a variety of sayings to help you get through your most challenging moments or days.   Material: Zinc Alloy Plate + Leather Bracelet Diameter: 5CM Package Includes: 1Pc Bracelet

Mini Dream Catcher Bracelet

Take your dreams wherever you go with this mini dream catcher bracelet. Native American Indians believe that the circle represents the circle of life and how the sun and moon travel each day and night across the sky. The dream catcher web is believed to catch your bad dreams during the night and with the sun rise the morning dew burns off and evaporates away.

Silver Full of Faith Hope Laugh Charm Bracelet

This wire coil wrap bracelet reminds us in our most difficult times to remember the most important things in life – to laugh, to believe, to hope and to hold strong in your faith. Material: Zinc Alloy Diameter: 76 MM